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Never ever have classic pieces been so digital!


The artist and graphic designer Nikolay Tonkoff (born 1969) graduated in Visual Arts in Sofia (Bulgaria) and continued his education with the study of Graphic Design at the prestigious Art School Weißensee in Berlin.


The founder and creative director of the award-winning Media and Design Agency formschlag, founded in1997, has remained faithful to his free artistic creations throughout all this years.


He developed an unique and distinctive style - a combination of his modern computer-based work as a designer and his native roots. Being born in the family of the famous Bulgarian cartoonist Alexander Dobrinov, Tonkoff finds an intimate connection to the history of art in his home country.


What we find in some of Tonkoff‘s iPad works, is a new definition of digital art. Looking at his works, one could say that the line between digital and classic art is devine in its content and formality.


His current pieces – Portrait series, which he has been developing since 2011, could be associated with the work of Giorgio de Chirico or Rene Magritte. His independent characters introduce a language of extremely illustrative and exaggerating forms and colours.


Some of his current pictures reveal different aspects of human nature, captured by his imagination and moreover shown in extraordinary situations. Their contemporality finds its way to everybody.


Tonkoff‘s works reflect a vivid connection between the East and West due to both his residential, and his work place in Berlin and Sofia.


NikolayTonkoff‘s pieces are more than a discovery in our visual world today.